Thursday, July 8, 2010

Long Update.

OK so my baby is 2 months old today and I can't believe it's taken me this long to update! Let me just say I have been so busy!! This is going to be a LONG update so feel free to skip around :)

Birth Story:

The Monday before my induction I went in to my last check and and to have my membrane sweep to try and get things moving along. This worked with Alex the first time but took forever and I still had to go in for my induction and have pitocin the whole time. Alex's labor was very hard... and I was praying this one would go well.

I went in, in the afternoon and everything check out I was dilated to over 3cm, 90% effaced and baby was -1 station. She did the membrane sweep and it didn't feel so wonderful.. but then again it wasn't suppose to. Luckily John went with me and was able to drive us to lunch at Tommy's Burger. About 15 min later I started to have contractions, I was uncomfortable but not too bad. We ate, I called my friend Rachel (who did my birth photography she's amazing BTW) and her partner and my other friend Crystal to update them. John and I then went shopping for the last few thing and I went home to relax. At about 5 I picked up Alex from my friend Jami who was watching him and hung out with her when I started to feel really really bad. I was nauseous and light headed and lucky John was coming home early to hang out with us. We were suppose to go see Toy Story 3 but I had a feeling that was out of the question.

Alex and I left Jami's and went home to find John waiting for us. I laid down on the couch while the boys went to go get food and started to feel REALLY sick. I called JOhn telling him he had to come home because I didn't think I could take it much longer and wasn't able to time contractions because I was once again having back labor. Once he got home I called John's mom to have her sister (John's Aunt) come over to help watch Alex. Luckily she was able to and we headed to the hospital. It was about 7pm then and when we got there they check me in right away.

I got all hooked up and checked and hadn't actually made an progress. I was SO bummed, they gave me a little over an hour to see if I would make progress and John and I sat back and talked. I was contracting about every 8-10 mins and we were joking of how stupid it was they wouldn't just admit me and I'd have to get up at like 6am the next day to be induced.. Well when they came back to check me, and noticed I'd made progress. I was fully effaced, dilated to over a 4 and Nick was engaged. WOO HOO! I was being admitted to have a baby at 9pm! My contractions really started to pick up then, and things started to move along.

By 10 I got an epidural because I was getting uncomfortable.. this was the part I was worried about. With Alex my epidural only worked on half my body and i had a horrible delivery. This time it was amazing... I was numb but not too numb and I felt great. Only bad side was my blood pressure bottomed out at one point because I wasn't laying on my side. But after that everything went smoothly! At 11pm I was dilated to a 6 and they decided to break my water to move things along. It's funny because it took them 10 mins to break my water, they had such a hard time because the sac was so tough (they said that was a good thing). It was kinda a weird situation because it was a male doctor helping (I'm all about my OB she's amazing and we know her personally). Finally it broke and everything stalled. Awesome.

I was so upset because I was so ready to have this little guy! I had finally called Rachel to show up to be here to do the birth pictures and I was sitting at a 6! Yikes! It was about 1245am then and they decided to give me some pitocin to see if it'd give me an end kick. I had the pitocin for about 10 maybe 15 mins and right around 120am I was complete. Seriously that fast I couldn't believe it! I then waited for my doctor to get there and to start pushing. It was intense and exhausting but so worth it because at 1:59am Nicholas Anthony Ferguson was born!

He weighed 8lbs 1oz and was 19.5 inches long and had a head full of thing hair :) I am SO lucky to know such an amazing photographer and friend that documented my birth. Here is a video/slide show with the images. :D

Here is the link:

I cry every time I watch the video, the song everything is perfect! My birth experience was amazing with Nick and having the pictures to watch make me want another baby already! I came home about 24 hours later and it was SO nice to be home! The entire time after Nick was born he maybe spent 2 hours in the nursery. He was so wonderful and slept the entire time and cuddled I just couldn't send him away!

I've been breastfeeding exclusively for 2 months now with NO problems, other than getting thrush but no big deal. Nick has been a great eater and is doing wonderful. Alex adores him and loves helping in every way. He loves holding his brother and giving him kisses. I feel so blessed to have such beautiful boys.

We also did 4 days on newborn pictures. I have so many different poses and styles it's crazy.. I thought I'd post my favorites, I still have my own to edit but haven't had time so here are some from Rachel and Crystal. :)

Ok that was more than a few but seriously I couldn't pick just a few. He was an amazing model and baby! I mean seriously how do you pick your favorites?

Now he's two months old and teething just like his brother did. Really where did the time go? I'm so sad! Now I need to post images of Nick's nursery cause i think I did a pretty awesome job and then print some huge canvas prints to stick of him all over the place!

Here is a recent family picture of the two boys aren't they adorable?

I'm now working on my photo biz and getting ready to rent a studio space and re-vamp everything. I am SO excited! And will be working more! Thanks for hanging around and reading all this. I promise to update more frequently!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Well, this will probably be the last time you hear from me as a mom of 1. I figured I'd update everyone on our life over here before I have a new baby at home and no time to update my blog. Just preparing you for the worst case ;) I promise to at least post pictures before of Nicholas for all of you non-facebookers. You guys gotta get on facebook! PLEASE!

John and I had our birthdays which were a ton of fun! It's funny because we were talking about how we celebrated our birthdays before we got married and before we had Alex and we couldn't imagine not spending it together as a family! John's birthday we went out to dinner at his favorite restaurant and he got to shop until he dropped! he bought some new clothes which he was excited about! For my birthday we took Alex to Pirate Island to play and enjoyed walking around the mall trying to find me a gift. I secretly have been holding out for the iPhone 4 so now since it's actually here that will be my gift! We had such wonderful birthdays!! I love just being together as a family!

Alex playing at Pirate Island! He loves Pirates!

Life has been nice but busy, the time has been flying sadly and I'm now down to 4 days left until I get to meet this little boy. I'm actually quite nervous and anxious all in the same moment. I keep joking that it would be so inconvenient if this baby showed up before next Tues. Not only do I have everything planned out for Alex when I go in next week to have Nick but everything is planned out with John and family and well everything! If Nick tries to show up early I'm pretty sure I'll have to go to emergency plan! I'm a woman of plans and order and I still haven't learned life doesn't always happen the way you want it with kids!! Luckily I have Alex in an amazing daycare run by my friend and our friends in our neighborhood are willing to help. Lucky right?!

My doctor keeps telling me I'm going have this baby any day now and I keep begging her to be wrong. At my 38 week appointment I was 3cm, almost completely 100% effaced and he was engaged and ready! I have way to much to do this weekend, and it's like I lost my HUGE to-do list from a few weeks ago and out of no where found it right before I'm suppose to have this baby! I blame my pregnancy brain for all of this, and thus why I have paid all my bills up until the end of July so I don't screw that up! Nesting has finally come back in full mode and on top of it all I'm sick fun right? You can see me organize the most random things, cleaning like crazy and in the mood to toss everything out. I will say my amazing husband did finsih my little to-do list for himself!

Alex seems to be realizing that something is about to really happen, I have to admit he's a pretty smart kiddo. And def. wants to be in the loop of things. It's funny how he asks questions and I'm glad communication has really picked up since we started daycare. For the most part he's able to express himself in a pretty good manner, but not to say we don't have our days. It's funny to hear him speak in sentences because he doesn't sound like a 2 year old! It's like he's a little man! I've actually been spending a ton of time with him also lately. It just feels so crazy to think it won't just be him anymore.

He loves the playground and could probably spend hours there!

He's also ready to potty train now and I'm the mean ol' mom who isn't letting him. He's been going on the potty before bath time, but I can't even imagine starting potty training with a newborn right now. I'd hate to see him regress back into diapers, and I hear if it happens starting over is a nightmare. But he sure does like to beg me to use the toilet anywhere we are and tell me when he's gone potty and when he's "all dun". I feel like a bad mom sometimes because I don't want him to be ready! Ok I do... but really?? Give me a few more months kid!

He loved playing at the Gateway where the water shoots up!

He's also loving the summer weather. We spend a lot of time at the pool, driving his jeep around and playing with the dog and his friends outside. It's cute and a lot of fun, I hope to be able to keep him really busy even when I have Nick here. Luckily we have the zoo, a pass to the aquarium, and a pass to Thanksgiving Point to go to the farm, gardens, and dino museum. As active as Alex likes to be we'll be doing a whole bunch of activities this summer!

John is getting ready for some major things to go on with his company, which seems to ironically happen right before this baby arrives. But more projects and work are always a good thing for John he loves being busy. I keep reminding him 2 kids at home will keep him very very busy. I'm glad he's good at what he does and thriving, I'm lucky to be able to stay at home and enjoy life so much and do my photography!

Last week I went and did maternity pictures with two of my favorite photographers. They made me look gorgeous and we of course had a blast. I can't wait to do birth and newborn pictures with them, I'm so excited to be honest. I also will be taking pictures of Nick myself also. Not that I will ever be a newborn photographer but I'd love to practice on my little guy.

Other than that we're good and I'm just playing the waiting game until next week! I just want a happy and easy delivery :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

You mean I can't have my cake and eat it too?

I have to admit that I have had a blog post planned for weeks, I just haven't been able to actually do it. The last few weeks have literally flown by and I can't believe I'm getting so close to having this baby! It's kinda scary to be honest, and I'm hoping to find a way to slow down the next few weeks as much as possible because I've had such a great 2 year old and I'm going to really miss it just being him. I mean who wouldn't love a child who sleeps from 830-10 and takes 2 1/2 hours naps? And he's just a big help! Oh I forget how lucky to have him sometimes!

My favorite photo of my son, gosh it just makes me smile

So what I've been up too... wellI had an amazing beauty/fashion photography workshop I attended and had an amazing time. I am still editing the images and trying to deal with CS5 at the same time which is slowing everything down. I have a ton of images to edit, and I must say that fashion/beauty photography is a true passion of mine. If I wasn't married with a family I'd def. be traveling the world doing that for a living. I felt for the last few months even with clients that I've been in a slump with my work. After that workshop it just all came back to me! I felt completely re-energized to do all kinds of new things. Now if I wasn't only 35 weeks pregnant.. crap. ;)

This was Alex at the end of every day

After that amazing weekend we packed and headed of to Disneyland which was a BLAST. Alex had an amazing time, and I scored an amazing hotel DIRECTLY across the street from Disneyland. I got the whole trip at a great bargain, and even though I wasn't happy in the beginning at buying Alex his own seat it was the BEST THING EVER! He was so wonderful, and because he was I'm pretty sure we're planning to go back down in October from when the change the park over. (Please excuse the fact that I only have cell phone images, too lazy to upload from my camera :)

Alex got to sleep with us (which never happens) because the crib the hotel provided was well, too small for Alex. Hey enjoyed the king and all the pillows!

Alex had a few favorite rides like the train that goes around the park, Pirates of the Caribbean, Winnie the Pooh, and Small World. We rode everything but those were the rides that never got old for him. Some of the other kiddie rides just weren't as exciting to him! We had so much fun we ended up going for 4 days instead of 3 and stayed right up until our flight. I never imagined how fun he'd have but, wow it was worth every bit.

Me on the other hand, well I did pretty well. My feet did hurt but I did a ton of work in hopes of going to the doctor next week and finding out how much I've progressed! I rode everything Alex rode, and it was so a great time. John really enjoyed himself too, it felt so wonderful to be able to get away and have one last family get together as 3 before Nick shows up.

Alex loves playing with his trains, seriously they are his favorite toys!

Now after I came home was a different story. I must start off with saying that I'm not the typical pregnant women with the typical pregnancies. I have all kinds of issues and I promise you my body does not like me in general, but while I'm pregnant I'm pretty sure it hates me. I started having all kinds of contractions and hardcore migraines since I got home. And we're all hoping and praying I make it to 37 weeks. I personally would be happy to wait much longer, like until my induction date, but we'll see. I just love how you forgot the bad things about pregnancy very quickly. :)

He thinks it's hilarious to steal my iPhone.. and claims to everyone "My Phoone.. MINE!"

Other than that, I'm doing great, Nick is completely set up so if he showed up I'd be ready to go!! I decided to try gDiapers this time instead of disposables (many many reasons and none involving the environment.. well maybe a little), and got my last order of stuff in the mail for the adventure!! I also set everything up for breastfeeding. I'm so pumped and have an amazing lactation consultant ready to work with me once this baby gets here. If a few people didn't know I have a hormone deficiency that makes breastfeeding nearly impossible and something my body just doesn't like me to do. I'm doing everything to prove it wrong this time and make it work. I'm excited, even though I know it's going to be hard work I know I can do it!!

I also re-scheduled my baby shower for July since I've been so sick and having issues. A wonderful friend of mine set it all up as a sort of surprise, and with everything going on we decided to wait until after Nick shows up. So it will be nice to have it in July so everyone can meet Nick and it will be a cute get together with all my friends and family!

Isn't he just the most handsome man ever!

My amazing husband's birthday is in about a little over an hour and I must confess how much I love him and how wonderful he is. He does such much to provide for our family and give us everything we need. I'm grateful to of married my best friend and I love him so much!!! I can't believe our birthdays are already here!! We spent all day yesterday buying John his gifts and since we never usually get to shop for each other (we're hard to shop for.. or more like he is) we had so much fun!! Alex was a trooper too, and lately he's really been enjoying time with his dad.

Me a little over 33 weeks pregnant, I need to take a new one I only have about 3 weeks left!

We also had Girl's Night which between that, Bunko, play dates, Alex in daycare all the time is going so fast! I'm really sad I've been trying to do everything to keep busy when really I shouldn't have!! Now we're getting ready for a big "Day out with Thomas" for next weekend and to spend some time with family for Memorial day and enjoy my birthday! Gosh why does 22 feel so old? It's so funny to think I've been married just about 4 years and will have 2 kids. :)

Gosh I'm lucky!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Countdown time

It's been awhile since I've posted and I thought it was time for an update. We had a really fun Easter, Alex got a ton of toys and candy from the Easter Bunny and really enjoyed stuffing himself all day with tons of candy! He's definitely been helping me out a lot around the house lately to get ready for baby tater-tot to make his debut. It's cute to see Alex try to sweep and pick up his toys and his "attempt" to do laundry.

Alex likes to "cuddle with baby" as he tries to say. He just lifts my shirt up and plops down

Alex started daycare about 2 weeks ago, he goes 2-3 days a week for half days and is having so much fun. It's fun to see the things he is learning and how much more he has to say about things. I really like that he has some thing to keep him busy in between play dates and activities! He's always wanting to be busy and doing something just like the day he was born so this has been a great experience for him. And to be honest for me, since I have a lot to do before this baby comes.

It's starting to feel a bit surreal to know that I have less than 8 weeks until I have another baby at home!! Luckily, Nicholas' room is all set up except for a few things that need to be hung and getting the last few essentials. John got so much done in one week it was almost scary!! I was starting to get worried and he knocked almost everything off my "baby list" in one weekend!!

We painted the baby's room which was a task all on it's own, and I will say that I have no desire to ever take wallpaper off the wall again, paint or anything involving major hard labor while I'm pregnant!!

The office set up downstairs and it's nice to say I have my own working space that I'm not sharing with other stuff. (aka John's shoes/clothes/stuff) It's like my own little place to go down and get work done, and on top of it all it's right by the playroom so Alex can keep busy if I'm on a deadline.

We have this thing about keeping or collecting empty boxes around here and since I order a lot of things online the boxes pile up VERY quickly. It was nice to get rid of a ROOM full of them and have the extra space!!

Also we bought an entire year of food storage, so we had to set all the shelves up in or "cold room" because John is so worried about it flooding. It's nice to feel prepared since before that we had nothing at all.

John set all the furniture and was actually excited to do it. Not that there was much that needed to be done other than assembling the crib and putting a few bolts in the glider but it felt so real to know there is gonna be a baby in there soon! I will say John and I had a horrible time getting the screws for the glider in, and John has made me promise that if we ever buy furniture again we will have them deliver and assemble it. So much for me trying to be right about us doing it ourselves!

Oh^^ I promise to post pictures of Nick's room here soon. I went in to take photos and the weather is horrible and almost no light outside to get some nice photos in there. That and it's still a bit messy. :)

All I really have left is to do the garage and get the cars detailed.. I know sounds lame right? Because I know the baby is going to come home and say "Oh mom, the garage looks wonderful" or "I'm so not getting in a dirty car mom". But there is SO much junk that is ready to go get donated from the garage and I want more room to store Alex's outside toys in the garage! His jeep was in the house for 3 weeks and I just couldn't take it anymore! That and my cars are filthy.

We went and did a 3D/4D ultrasound of Nicholas and were surprised to hear this little guy has a good amount of hair! I don't expect much but something is definitely better than nothing! Oh how I would love to have a newborn to photograph with a full head of hair. We did the 3D/4D ultrasound with Alex and much to our surprise the two look very similar. I'd be so excited to see a little mini me of Alex!

I really loved seeing him smile and his big lips... gosh I can't believe I'll be a mommy to KIDS let alone BOYS! I'm so excited!!

I feel like I'm really in countdown mode now. The next 8 weeks are really busy for us with photography workshops, disneyland trip, a wonderful friend of mine throwing me a shower (I was so surprised when I found out!!), John's birthday and mine! We're also planning to go camping and do two different trips to see the Heber Creeper, and Thomas the train! I'm actually really glad we have so much going right now because I want this time to fly! I just can't wait to meet this little guy!

I've been having some girl's nights lately and a few bunko games and John and Alex have had their "special time" together which I think Alex really loves. This is the court side at the Jazz vs. Suns game

I feel really crazy considering camping and disneyland, but I don't think we'll be making any trips until the baby is a few months old and we really want some special bonding time with Alex before the baby shows up. With me busy trying to get some work done and John who works all the time, I don't want Alex to feel even a little bit left out.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The joys of being a boy.

Alex's party was a definite hit. It included "burgahs", "cahake", and an awesome bounce house which was the hit of the party! We were so happy to have so many friends and family show up! For some reason about 20 mins before the party started I thought no one would show!! But luckily they did and the presents....oh how there were so many awesome presents. My child was royally spoiled!

John Cena and well my John! It was funny to see they were the same size! John never believed me!!

John had actually been out of town all week and got the chance to fly home on the morning of Alex's birthday. On top of it all John got the best flight.. not only did his plane get delayed because of "failure issues" scary right? He also got to fly with the entire WWE RAW Wrestling team. Absolutely hilarious since I use to watch them as a teenager! But he did show up and made it early to surprise Alex who had missed him dearly. Alex absolutely adores his dad, and it's so cute to see how excited he gets when daddy comes home.

Alex playing with some friends in the bounce house

Alex really had a blast with all of his friends, and when cake time came around he was VERY excited. He'd been asking for his cake ALL DAY and was so thrilled to be able to have it. He blew his candles out with the help of his balloon and was then very ready for presents. He got so much stuff it's just way to much to list. All I can say is I don't want another toy entering my house anytime soon and I actually sent a ton over Libbie's for everyone to enjoy. (I just don't have enough room!) I sad;y don't have Alex's birthday on my laptop since my iMac has been taken apart in our "mini move".

Alex's favorite thing to do and play with his train.. I seem to catch him up there a lot

Now the "countdown" for baby Nicholas to arrive is on, I know that the next few weeks are going to fly by and I'm not looking forward to it as much as I am so excited to meet him. All the major big things and small have been purchased, I have completely cut myself off from buying any more clothes for this kid! Both boys are set for summer I just keep thinking it's going to show up here soon, I'm so use to Texas weather and April and May being nice. Nope.. not here in Utah.

I really have my focus on cleaning/making room/organizing. I was so ready for Alex to be here by the time I was 30 weeks pregnant and I'm so not ready for Nicholas! I haven't done much up until the last few weeks and now feel pressured to get it all done!

I feel like when I'm pregnant I'm OCD nesting on steroids. And with John working so much I feel like my list might never get done and am trying to find a way to stretch the weeks out! Why can't there be more than 24 hours in a day?!

So far on the list....
-I've packed our office and moved almost everything out. (except for desk and bookcase)
-Packed HALF yes half of my closet up to make room for John and moved his clothes from the office over (yes I had the whole master closet to myself.. what can I say I love clothes) I sacrificed for him... it was hard I will not lie.
-We recently bought a whole year of food storage and a few 72 hour packs and got that moved down stairs after 3 weeks
-Turned storage room into office AKA move storage to another empty now completely FULL room
-Ripping wall paper off.. I HATE WALLPAPER. It's just a middle strip but it's a pain to get off.. it's not a task I wish on anyone but I am almost halfway done.

Then we'll paint and set the furniture up! I'll unload all of Nicholas' stuff and I'll be done with that. I'm sure I'll go into full scrubbing mode then but hopefully I can find someone to do a large deep clean on our house because I just don't feel like I do a good enough job! That and I'm sure I will try to unload more junk we have around here, even with Alex I made John get rid of so much junk we acquired! I really hate clutter!!

Alex is getting excited for the baby, although I'm not quite sure he totally gets it yet. He loves seeing other babies and talking to them, and when I tell him we're doing something for his brother he always asks to help. He even comes and hugs and kisses my belly it's so sweet :) I'm sure he won't be 100% excited to lose some attention when the baby shows up but he sure likes the idea right now!

But before all this birthday craziness I was sick while John was out of town. I had a lovely kidney stone and I definitely had a bad few days. I ended up in L&D to check on baby and monitor contractions and everything ended up ok. I'm just grateful to have such great family to help and a wonderful little boy who understood!! John felt so bad he wasn't able to be there he sent me 3 dozen roses. It REALLY made my day, and I just had to share how great of a husband I have!

Other than that we're enjoying the bizarre weather here. One day it's beautiful and the next day it's snowing. I'm just ready for spring and playing outside!! Alex has so many fun outside toys and we've been locked up and not been able to use them!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm Twwweoo!

That's Alex's way of saying he's two. I seriously can't believe I'm even writing this post.. where did 2 years go so fast? I mean really, I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday and it's so unreal to me that now he's grown so much and gotten so big. I will say this, Alex has been a huge blessing in our lives. He brings so much joy and excitement and has such an amazing happy spirit. Even when John or I are having a not so great day he always seems to make it better and knows exactly how to cheer John and I up!

I will admit I haven't had much time to plan for his party. I actually feel really bad because I've been so busy with other stuff!! But his party is today and we invited the whole family that live around us and a bunch of his friends! He's got some pretty cool toys to open, and I will admit we're even ready for Easter around here! Long story short while I was out of town John bought Alex a bunch of birthday stuff not realizing I bought him stuff too :) So his basket is full, all we are missing is chocolate and eggs!

Alex's Accomplishments in the last few months...

-He's developed a VERY large vocabulary in the last few weeks and is saying things and repeating us all the time!!
-He likes to help out around the house.. feed the dog, put dishes in the dish washer, and sweep the floor (which isn't the best but hey I will take what I can get!!)
-Open/Closing all doors, climbs on everything and gets what he wants when he wants. (climbs in the pantry for "cookiees")
-Brushes his teeth pretty well by himself, he even reminds me when it's time!
-Starting to put his clothes on with less help and likes to pick his "outfets" out.
-Has an opinion about everything! And defiantly has no problem announcing it."nu uh.. uh huuh.. oh yea"
-Is much more independent in things he likes to do, especially eating, cleaning up, and quiet time.
-Very curious about the potty... but we haven't gone there quite yet. Even taking the diaper off!!
-Loves sports already and everything about throwing, catching and dunking <-- daddy loves this one :)
-Talks about the animals and different thing they say, along with greeting them. (moo, woof, bahkak, ooink)
-Is completely obsessed with his "choo choo" he lives for that thing!
-He's a very outgoing to people (which is sometimes scary) he always wants to talk to and play with kids and adults he sees!
-Has a ridiculous good memory and never seems to forget when we tell him "latar" or in a "leetle bit"
-Enjoys going up and down the stairs and thinks he's a "beeg boie" for being able to!
-Knows most of his body parts like "nose, eayah, foot" and what we do with them

And it could go on.. seriously are they suppose to be this much older and more developed at JUST two. Where did my baby go... :( it just feels so weird to think that he's getting big and changing more every day!

My favorite is that I can really understand him, I'm pretty sure I'd loose my mind otherwise. His enunciation amazes me, it definitely makes him sound more grown up!

But I love making this day the best and most special day ever, because it's something Alex's doesn't have to share. It's his day :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


It's been a really really long time since I blogged. Now being almost 3 months behind I have SO much to update, I want to make this short and sweet without making it too long. And excuse the photos, they're from facebook and our phones. All my gear is packed up for my trip :)

He really loves trains, it's so cute

December flew by and Christmas came and went and Alex got spoiled AS USUAL. He got so much "choo-choo" stuff he didn't know what to do with himself. He plays with everything amazingly but I'm sure if you came down into or movie/play room you'd be appalled at how many toys a 2 year old ONLY CHILD has. I just remind people he will soon have a sibling :) in which he will get to share with. John and I also went to Phoenix for a week and it was so nice to get away from the frigid weather!

His favorite thing to do when we go to Ikea

He loves to kick back and watch a movie in the car

January was an exciting month for us, we found out we were having another BOY! I would of announced sooner but they weren't quite sure until recently. Can I just say how excited I am?? I really wanted a girl before we started trying.. and to be honest when I was pregnant I knew I'd be happy with either. It kept ringing in my brain that another boy would be wonderful and then when we went in we got the news!! We're so excited to have to boys to be brothers. Alex will make a wonderful big brother!!

More train riding while shopping in Dallas, anytime we see one we must ride!!

This is a picture of the the over 10 inches of snow we got in DALLAS. Which I got to drive home in from Houston.. so not fun!

February was my big trip to Dallas/Houston! I spent over 2 weeks there and had a ball. By a ball I mean I ended up shipping 10 boxes home from things I bought! It was like a mini Christmas all over again! I got to see family in Houston which was so nice since I have missed them all! John and I had an amazing V-day weekend with him flying down and us having the weekend to ourselves with no babies and a trip to the NBA All Star game he'd been talking about for weeks. It was a blast. I miss my family so much already but we were definitely ready to be home!

My son Mickey, he's been wearing his ears non stop and talking all about "Mickee" and hinting another trip to Disneyland to Daddy

March feels even bigger and busier! Alex is turning 2, and boy by the looks of it you'd think he was 3! I'm behind on planning his birthday but it will be a train party for sure! He already has an idea of what he is getting since we had him "test it out" and he's pretty excited about it! My little man is getting so big and growing up to fast for me now. He's got about a 65 word vocab (is that sad I keep count??) and using small sentences now daily. I feel like every day he learns at least 5 new words and whether he remebers them or not he sure likes to repeat them to me! He's really good at enunciating and is pretty understandable which makes life some what easier. He's mastered walking up and down the stairs, asks a ton of questions, and doing so much more. Maybe I'll have an excuse to post again with all the things he's doing and him turning 2!

When he wants to read, there is no stopping him! He'd read for hours if I let him!

I leave for Vegas for a large Photography convention this weekend, and get a 6 day no Alex or John time. Something I am sure will be fun, but I know I'll miss my boys so much!! John then leaves for a whole week to Phoenix, and I'm fighting the urge to go down with him to enjoy some nice weather!!

April and May are going to be more traveling and really getting ready for this kiddo! All the large purchases have pretty much been made except for making the very difficult decision on a double stroller! I just don't feel rushed this time around, but I am glad I decided on furniture, and a REALLY nice glider since we lived in ours with Alex. But things as far as decorating have been slow, I don't feel rushed to paint and set up his room, or reorganize. I can say this though, I've realized that I non-stop nest. Regardless of baby or not I'm a clean freak! I can't help it.. my house never feels clean!

I've also become obsessed with etsy. It's addictive, and I can't even explain how much I love to shop on there. It's like ebay on crack for me without the bidding! It's given me all kinds of ideas to decorate the baby's room and do some fun things with Alex's. I wish I could sew and learn how because there are so many fun things to make and do! I guess for now I'll be paying others to do it for me :)

Here I am 6 months pregnant! I really don't feel small at all!

We also decided on a name for little one. Nicholas Anthony Ferguson.. he'll be here Mid-June and I have to go in and get my due date fixed since they've moved it up and plan on inducing me. Yippeee!! It'll feel good to have a date and be able to be prepared!

Anyways that sums it all up. I really hope to blog more... I've been bad and I should keep it going for the few that read and don't have facebook!!